Travel tips for the campers

Camping is a great opportunity to have an exciting and not expensive holiday on the landscape. Having a tent, you can go to the neighboring forest, to the sea, and everywhere you will have a roof over your head. However, holiday with tents should be well organized to become comfortable.

Every year, camping becomes more and more popular. It is not surprising as the prices for domestic and foreign resorts are rising, and going for a holiday with a tent means that you provide yourself with free housing. If you stay on the territory of official camping, you still have to pay, but, in comparison with the cost of rest at the resorts, it will not cost you much. Moreover, these camping spots are having parking places, so you can rent a car at 14cars and bring all the necessary equipment right to your place of the recreation.

An indisputable benefit of camping is a twenty-four-hour stay in the fresh air. What could be better than setting a tent near the sea and enjoying the waves and fresh air every night? The main thing is not to forget a warm sleeping bag, but we will renew this subject later.

  • About the tent…

In the assembled condition, it is a small room, with a height, on average, to the waist. Naturally, in such a room you can only lie or sit. In disassembled condition, the tent is a set of fasteners (mainly plastic) and a piece of specially sewn fabric. Previously, tents were made of tarpaulin and the fastenings were metal. Such tents weighed a lot, which was very inconvenient in hiking. Today, the tent in the folded condition weighs a maximum of 3-4 kilograms and needs less space than the folded blanket.


  • Tent and wind

Tourist tents today can be bought at any store specializing in tourist equipment. The question is- will the tent be of high quality and reliable, and will it not fly away after the first blow of the sea breeze? The fact is that tents should be fastened to the ground tightly to ensure their stability. When several tourist cables additionally attach the tent, you cannot be afraid of a real storm. This should be done this way: the cables are tied to the upper outer structure of the tent at one edge. The other edge is tied to pegs. Pegs are driven into the ground from 4 sides of the tent. This is called ridgepole. The main thing is to be careful at night and remember about these cables.

Another tip: put the tent backside to the probable direction of the wind. If the wind is blowing from the sea, it is better to place the tent in the opposite direction. Do not set the tent sideways to the wind –it is possible that the tent will just turn over in a sudden gust of wind.

  • Rain

If you are caught in the rain, when you are in a tent – do not panic. In this case, a few raincoats will be needed, or some waterproof material, under which you can hide yourself and hide the most important: money, documents, and electronics. Do not worry about the blankets and clothes- you can dry them up in the morning. Place tarp under the tent. This will save you from moisture. Naturally, if the tent has a rubberized bottom, you do not need to put tart under it.


  • Provisions

When going on vacation with tents, it is very important to decide, which foodstuffs should be taken. After all, wherever you go, there will not be a refrigerator and a microwave oven, so the foodstuffs should be practical and long-dated. Be sure to include cereals, which can be cooked at the stake, potatoes and canned food in the list of your provisions. You can also take vegetables that do not crumble and do not decay fast under the sun. Regulars of hikes, who rest with a tent for a long time, cut the vegetables with pieces and dry them, so that they can then be used in the soup. This way, vegetables take up less space and do not deteriorate. Also, do not forget to take tea, coffee and sugar. You can take biscuits or dried fruits. If you want to make barbecue, you can take meat, but you need to fry it on the first day. In addition, you need to bring along drinking water, if in the place where you go there are no water sources.

  • Necessary stuff

Clothes should be comfortable when you are having your camping holiday. Even if it is warm, you need to take clothes with long sleeves for the evening or in case, it gets cold. Also in your backpack should be sunscreen and a spray from insects.


  • How to arrange a tent camp?

If you are having a holiday with a company and you have several tents, they need to be placed in a circle, so that the entrances are opposite to each other.

The cellar is better to be dug in the shade under a tree, or if you set a marquee, then in its corner – so that direct sunrays do not get there. After the cellar is ready, it is better to pour a little water on the bottom, it will create coolness. Put an oilcloth over the water to place food on it.

In conclusion, we recommend making a list of all the necessary equipment for the camping in order not to forget the most important items. Among the campers are especially popular folding chairs, sleeping pads and waterproof bags.